Softline Solutions

Softline Solutions

Softline Solutions is a provider of safety surfaces and rubber products based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with additional offices in British Columbia, Ontario, Manitoba, and the United States. Using recycled materials, Softline Solutions offers products for playgrounds, daycares, running tracks, schools, and other facilities.

Softline Solutions was founded by Howard McIntyre, who has been involved in the parks and recreation construction industry for over thirty years. Softline Solutions was envisioned when he recognized the high demand for pour in place rubber safety surfaces to be installed professionally. The company was incorporated in 2006.

Their FirstBasePour in Place Safety Surface System has been designed to minimize impact for children’s play spaces. The surface system is manufactured from 100% recycled rubber tires that are sourced locally. FirstBase is a certified system with a regulated rubber safety surface installation procedure to ensure critical fall heights meet CSA Z614-07, ASTM F1292, and ASTM F1487 standards. All Softline Solutions’ surfaces can be tested by a Triax 2010 drop test unit to ensure they meet standards. Their qualified field technicians can issue computerized reports of the critical fall heights giving HICs and G Max ratings.

Softline Solutions’ surfaces are certified by the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA). IPEMA provides a third party certification by a designated independent laboratory, TÜV SÜD America Inc., to ensure it conforms to ASTM standards. In addition, FirstBase is an Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant surface.

Softline Solutions’ products include FirstBase,a rubber surface system for children’s playgrounds; FlexiStep, a trail application surface; SealFloor, a slip-resistant surface system for pool surrounds, water parks, shower rooms, and equestrian areas; FastTrack, a resilient running track surface system; PhysiSurface, an outdoor safety surface system for recreational courts and fitness areas; and VistaLine, rubber molded products including rubber rocks, logs, giant games, shapes, and custom-designed options for landscapes, streetscapes, playgrounds and many other areas.

The 100% recycled rubber surfacing materials produced by Softline Solutions allow clients to qualify for many environmental reward programs, such as the LEED program as well as tire recycling program grants.1

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