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An innovative educator at the forefront of American educational reform, Caroline Pratt believed that play is a child's natural and most meaningful way of learning. Caroline Pratt is credited for developing wooden blocks, called unit blocks, which continue to be used in classrooms today as essential tools for learning.
Recess for children is typically enjoyed outdoors and has been defined as a break period from the relatively inactive routine of the classroom. Traditionally, recess has been loosely structured and has allowed children to freely choose their activities and playmates on the school playground. Recesses usually last 10 to 20 minutes.
Play and Child Development is designed primarily as a textbook for upper division students to guide understanding of how play ties directly to child development.
The game of Croquet is played by hitting a ball through a series of wire hoops with a mallet. As a fun backyard activity for children and adults alike, this game has been popular in the United States since its introduction in the mid-1800s.
The definition of coordination is the ability to develop patterns of movement efficiently integrating visual information with the movement of the limbs. In children, coordination of motor skills develops as the child ages and experiences new activities.