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The Frost Play Research Collection was dedicated in the spring of 2004 with the purpose of making available historical and contemporary research material for students and play scholars. The collection of teacher, researcher, and author, Dr. Joe L. Frost, is comprised of materials from his extensive research library and donated material.
Jane Addams was an early twentieth century reformer for better living conditions for the poor, equality and justice for oppressed populations, and world peace for all. One of the many reforms she championed was the basic human need for play.
Destination playgrounds are typically larger playgrounds set in a location that may require a drive to reach. Destination playgrounds draw crowds from surrounding areas for their unique themes and offerings for a wide range of children and adults alike.
The idea of using alphabet blocks was seen as an essential tool for learning for young children. It encouraged learning to read and spell in an enjoyable way. Typically, a set of alphabet blocks contains 26 blocks, each containing a letter of the alphabet.
Written by Henry S. Curtis in 1915, Education Through Play discussed the issue of children's play as it was viewed at that time. Education Through Play suggested that play should be included in the child's school day.