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Radio Flyer Inc. is one of the oldest national toy companies that is owned and operated by the original founding family. As makers of the little red wagon and subsequent models of wooden, steel, and plastic toy wagons and tricycles, Radio Flyer has been making coasting toys "for every girl and boy" since 1917.
The National Association for Recreational Equality (NARE) was formed in 1997 by Dr. Reeve R. Brenner to educate the public and advocate with communities concerning the need for non-aggressive, fully inclusive sports and recreation.
The International Journal of Play is an inter-disciplinary publication that focuses on all facets of play. It is published by Routledge, a distinguished publisher of leading educational research since 1836. The first issue of the International Journal of Play was released in March of 2012 with three issues published yearly.
Ernst Hermann was an American pioneer in recreation planning, industrial recreation, and playground administration during the first few decades of 1900. He also taught concerning play, playgrounds, and recreation at Harvard University and concerning the Swedish physical education system at the Sargent School of Physical Education in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Child-centered, play-based learning is a whole-child educational approach that promotes academic, socio-emotional, and cognitive development through free play, which can also involve guided play by an adult. In guided play, teachers enhance children's exploration and learning with helpful guidance while being careful not to be invasive in the children's play.