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Ernst Hermann was an American pioneer in recreation planning, industrial recreation, and playground administration during the first few decades of 1900. He also taught concerning play, playgrounds, and recreation at Harvard University and concerning the Swedish physical education system at the Sargent School of Physical Education in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Child-centered, play-based learning is a whole-child educational approach that promotes academic, socio-emotional, and cognitive development through free play, which can also involve guided play by an adult. In guided play, teachers enhance children's exploration and learning with helpful guidance while being careful not to be invasive in the children's play.
The hoop has been a popular children's toy for thousands of years, and the introduction of the Hula Hoop in 1958 by the Wham-O toy company has been documented by sociologists as one of the biggest fads ever to take hold in America and one of the most significant events of the time. Because of its enduring popularity, the Hula Hoop was inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame in 1999.
Reflections of a Recreation Professional is an autobiography written by Robert Wilson Crawford and published by the National Recreation and Park Association in 1993. He had a long and distinguished career in park and recreation and was recognized as one of the greatest leaders in the field.
Children move through a developmental progression in the acquisition of motor skills. The reflexive movement phase ranges from birth to about 1 year. Reflexes are involuntary movements, and through this reflex activity the infant gains information about his immediate surroundings.