Shlomi Golan founded ShapesInShape, Inc., a fitness research firm and developer of exercise programs, in 2000. As a Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Shlomi conducted research on wellness and effective exercise programs.1 He also formulated indoor and outdoor exercise programs for weight control and for strengthening muscles.

Through Shlomi's travels in Asia and Europe, he observed people of all ages who were exercising outdoors on lightweight equipment. This prompted him to study the value of outdoor exercise with lightweight fitness machines, and his studies of this aerobic-anaerobic approach showed significant improvements in cardio-vascular fitness and muscle tone.2

Because indoor fitness facilities are generally expensive and used by a small portion of the population, ShapesInShape realized the need for outdoor exercise equipment that could be installed in community parks, school yards, and other outdoor settings, where it would be available and free to all to use. With their commitment to encourage healthy living, the goal of ShapesInShape is to offer fitness opportunities for all.3

ShapesInShape shifted from research and exercise programs to the design, manufacturing, and production of lightweight outdoor exercise equipment using these aerobic-anaerobic concepts. Designed to utilize the natural resistance of an individual's own weight, the equipment is adapted to each individual's fitness level.4

Gliders, presses, elliptical trainers, stationary type bikes, extenders, walkers, and treadmills are some of their many types of products. The various components of fitness equipment are designed for differing purposes depending on the primary users. Zones can be configured for middle and elementary school playgrounds as well as specific training for baseball, basketball, football, soccer, tennis, and golf skills.5

As a family owned and operated company based in Woodland Hills, California, ShapesInShape employs a design staff with experience in kinesiology, biomechanics, ergonomics, obesity, and athletic performance. Their products are installed in parks, schools, universities, resorts, hotels, golf courses, YMCA's, military bases, cruise ships, camps, medical facilities, community centers, and private homes.6

ShapesInShape supports the President's Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition as well as the Let’s Move! campaign and the Obesity Society. They are also members of the National Recreation and Park Association and the California Park and Recreation Society.

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