Playground Clearing House

Playground Clearing House

Playground Clearing House specializes in playground safety, playground surface testing, and accident evaluation. Since the 1990's, Playground Clearing House has worked closely with Alpha Automation in the development of the Triax 2000, a surface impact tester (SIT). Paul Bamburack, the president of Alpha Automation, assisted Paul Hogan, the founder and president of Playground Clearing House, in the research and development of the Triax 2000 and its resulting acceptance by the ASTM International (ASTM). Playground Clearing House offers their playground surface impact testing equipment for sale and provide safety and evaluation services.1

The Triax 2000 is an advanced triaxial accelerometer that measures the impact of a hemispheric shape representing a head form. The Gs, Head Injury Criteria, and impact velocity of each simulated head fall are graphed on a tamper-proof hand-held computer that can also upload all measurements to computer for labeling or adding comments for reports. The testing resulting from correct use of the Triax 2000 and the Velocity Tripod that holds the device can be used to quantify how safe a playground surface is and shows compliance to the ASTM safety guidelines, the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) guidelines, and the Europe's Comité Européen de Normalisation (CEN) standards.2

Playground Clearing House also sells the “A” Missile Artificial Turf Impact Tester, which is also invented and patented by Paul Hogan. Designed for sports fields, the “A” Missile graphs the Gs, Head Injury Criteria, impact velocity, time and date of each test drop. Like the Triax 2000, the data is recorded on a small computer screen which can be uploaded to a computer for comments and reports. When used in accordance with instructions, the device can be used to produce results that comply with the ASTM safety regulations and the CSA testing standards.3

In addition to their playground surface impact testers, Playground Clearing House offers accident evaluation, courtroom models, expert testimony, equipment failure analysis, impact testing, and still, motion and videotape reconstruction.

In promoting playground surface testing over the last decade, Playground Clearing House has worked closely with Rolf Huber, the principal of the Canadian Playground Advisory, Inc. and the president of Everplay. Rolf is known as an expert on playground surfacing in Europe, the United States, and Canada.4

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