In October 2007, the National Football League (NFL) started a youth health and fitness campaign called NFL PLAY 60. In an effort to combat childhood obesity, NFL PLAY 60 focuses on increasing the wellness of young fans by encouraging them to be physically active for a minimum of 60 minutes each day. The plan was implemented through NFL’s in-school, after-school, and team-based programs. The initiative is prominent during key NFL events, such as the Super Bowl, Pro Bowl Draft, Kickoff, and Thanksgiving Day games. Numerous players and coaches support the program year round.1

The NFL has partnered with many organizations and corporations in support of NFL PLAY 60.2 Several examples are listed below:

  • Action for Healthy Kids developed ReCharge! Energizing After-school™ and Mini ReCharge. These two programs are designed for students in grades 2-6 to learn about good nutrition and physical activity.
  • The Ad Council has a dedicated Public Service Announcement (PSA) campaign using their “Be a Player, Get up and Play 60 minutes a Day” message.
  • The American Heart Association along with NFL PLAY 60 developed the in-school curriculum NFL PLAY 60 Challenge. This lesson plan teaches educators and children to integrate health and fitness into daily classroom lessons. It provides 50 short activities that can be used throughout the day at school or at home.
  • BRAX Ltd teamed up to hosted a Spirit Cups fundraiser and Back to Football Friday celebration in support of NFL PLAY 60.
  • The Cartoon Network presented the NFL PLAY 60 Super Kid contest at Super Bowl XLIV and XLV. Also, the NFL PLAY 60 has a presence at the network’s “Move It Movement” tour.
  • FITNESSGRAM created the NFL PLAY 60 FITNESSGRAM that gives schools a way to determine the PLAY 60 programs effectiveness. The tool measures aerobic capacity, body composition and muscle strength, endurance, and flexibility. Results are in a report card format that teachers can use to educate families and students and to encourage healthy behaviors.
  • At NFL Kickoff 2010, First Lady Michelle Obama's Let’s Move! campaign officially partnered with NFL PLAY 60. The NFL filmed public service announcements with President Barack Obama. Several NFL players taught football skills and drills during the President’s 2010 Easter Egg Roll at the White House in support of Mrs. Obama’s campaign.
  • In addition to building playgrounds with NFL teams and athletes, KaBOOM! is working hand-in-hand with the NFL's Play 60 campaign to give grants to communities working to improve their local parks and playgrounds through the KaBOOM! Play Day Program.
  • NFL PLAY 60 and Playworks are working together to provide “Play 60 Zones” at select NFL games. In these youth-friendly areas, Playworks coaches lead participants through various interactive games. 

The Volunteer Program for NFL PLAY 60 is available for individuals to donate their time in their community in support of the program.3

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