The Genius of Play

The Genius of Play

The Genius of Play™ is a national movement spearheaded by The Toy Association with the mission to give families the information and inspiration needed to make play an important part of every child’s life. Deeply rooted in research and facts, The Genius of Play serves as a leading resource on the developmental benefits of play and provides parents and caretakers alike with easily accessible play ideas and tips, expert advice, and other play resources. The information is available on its website and through social media channels in both English and Spanish.

Although it may seem simple, kids at play are going through a highly sophisticated scientific and evolutionary process. Play provides children with the essential tools needed to interact positively with others, manage emotions, make sense of the world around them, and grow up to be happy and successful adults. The Genius of Play has developed over 100 fun play ideas to help facilitate each of the 6 key benefits of play:

Launched in 2015, The Genius of Play works with over 50 different play experts, including educators, pediatricians, child psychologists and many others. In addition to its website and social media, The Genius of Play hosts live expert panels and advocates for the value of play at many different conferences and events throughout the year. Its resources have been featured by leading publications such as Huffington Post and on various TV shows nationally.2

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