Safe Kids Worldwide

Safe Kids Worldwide

In 2004, representatives from 14 countries joined Safe Kids USA to create a global non-profit global organization called Safe Kids Worldwide, which is located in Washington, DC. In 2010, they had 19 member countries across the globe. The mission of the organization is to “work together to educate families, create safer environments, and advocate for improved laws to protect children.”1 The founding sponsor of this organization is FedEx.

Safe Kids Worldwide coalition members:

  • Endeavor to improve and pass child safety regulations and laws
  • Supply child safety seats, smoke alarms, and helmets to families in need
  • Encourage child safety through partnerships with corporate leaders
  • Conduct and encourage research on the leading injury risks to children
  • Assess injury risk solutions
  • Educate families about child injury risks and how to prevent them2

The organization also has a six member panel from around the world to:

  • Implement solutions and identify issues affecting Safe Kids Worldwide
  • Provide support and interaction within the coalition
  • Examine all communications and advising on network improvements
  • Advise on strategy and policy feedback to Safe Kids Worldwide3

From the United States to Uganda, Safe Kids Worldwide works in partnership with fellow non-governmental organizations, establishes branch offices whenever possible, and works with their sponsors to bring information and injury prevention programs to those in need.

Unintentional injuries kill 700,000 children a year, and 98% of these injuries are in low-income countries. Many of these deaths could be prevented by simple safety measures.

The Safe Kid Worldwide member countries take action to help prevent these injuries by:

  • Teaching families about child safety in cars in Brazil and on motorbikes in Vietnam
  • Working to create safety signage standards in Austria
  • Through collaboration with Mumbai traffic police, increase the awareness of child pedestrians in Mumbai, India
  • Celebrate safety at a public park in Kawempe, Uganda
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