Dog-ON-It-Parks designs and manufactures dog exercise equipment, dog park furnishings, and dog park accessories. Their vision is to “make every community more dog-friendly by helping to create destinations where both people and their pets can get exercise and fresh air.” Their products are designed to encourage multi-generational activities for people and their dogs in off-leash areas accessible to all regardless of age or physical ability.1

To this end their full line of dog park equipment includes agility equipment with ramps, teeter totters, hoops, jump bars, tunnels, and hurdles as well as complete systems that contain full sets of challenging activities. They also manufacture furnishings to enhance the dog parks’ amenities with benches, dog watering features, pick-up stations, shade canopies, signage, and ground cover.2

Kathy and Gary Max founded Dog-ON-It-Parks in 2008 in Everett, Washington. Over the next five years they expanded to provide products and installation of equipment throughout the United States and into Canada, Guam, Marshall Islands, Singapore, and Hong Kong.3

More than modified children’s playground equipment, Dog-ON-It-Parks utilizes veterinarians, structural engineers, and dog agility experts to design equipment that is slip resistant, durable, safe, and adjustable for different dog abilities and needs.4 For instance the teeter totter is weighted to avoid sudden movements that would frighten shy dogs, and all products are made with reinforced heavy aluminum instead of steel because it won't rust in the more corrosive environment of a dog park. Dog-ON-It-Parks also utilizes environmentally-friendly materials that meet ADA accessibility requirements to allow people with varying abilities to enjoy the dog park experience.5

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