Childforms is a commercial playground equipment manufacturer offering a full line of modular play structures and play environments for early childhood and elementary market. They also manufacture free standing play events, dog park features, ADA ramps, park amenities, and retaining systems for protecting and maintaining safety surfacing. They believe in “offering quality products at a fair price with excellent customer service”1 and in “assisting our children in learning about the health benefits of outdoor play.”2

Andy Peggs and Harold Layne formed Childforms in 1995 in Mooresville, North Carolina.3 What began as a company devoted to the early childhood market expanded to a full-service manufacturer of play structures by 2009 when they redesigned their play structures for preschoolers and expanded their inventory to include school-aged children as well.4 That same year they moved into a new 44,000 square foot operations facility in Mooresville, and in 2010, they opened a new 120,000 square foot facility in Lenoir, North Carolina to further accommodate their growth.

Also in 2010, Childforms was recognized as a preferred provider of Head Start Body Start (HSBS), which “fosters physical activity, outdoor play, and nutrition education among Head Start and Early Head Start Center children, families and staff.”5

Besides the numerous free standing play structures such as Fun Hoops, sand and water tables, and RoundWeGos, Childforms also offers swings, Trike town interactive activities based on a tricycle track, dog play obstacle course elements, and Funtimbers, a safety surface materials retaining system.

Childforms is a member of the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA).

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