BYO Recreation

BYO Recreation

As a playground, sports, and park equipment distributor, BYO Recreation's company motto is within their name: Beyond Your Ordinary Recreation.1 They believe that “play is an important part of a child's development” and that “playgrounds provide numerous benefits for children, both mentally and physically. They encourage children to challenge themselves every day, making playgrounds a great educational resource for parents and teachers.”2

Bill Calhoun, after designing and building a wooden swing set for his children, offered the kit online in 1999 and thus founded BYO Recreation.3 With a background in engineering and designing and a MBA degree, Bill expanded the product line to include play equipment from a variety of playground equipment companies for both residential and commercial play spaces. Company headquarters are located in Saint Augustine, Florida.

Along with the playground equipment product lines, Bill has also added park equipment products, such as tables, benches, bleachers, and planters; sports equipment products, such as soccer goals, scoreboards, and fitness equipment; pool and patio amenities, such as furniture, shade options, and ADA pool lifts; and playground surfacing choices. BYO Recreation also offers design services and installation teams who are Certified Playground Safety Inspectors (CPSI).4

Beginning in February 2012, BYO Recreation initiated an annual fund with the goal of creating 100 new playgrounds.5 Also in 2012, they launched the BYO Blog to share information on recreation, playground equipment, and playground safety.6

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