Safety Play, Inc

Safety Play, Inc

Safety Play Inc. is a company that offers safety services and products for playgrounds, sports fields, and recreation areas. They offer safety inspections and audits, safety classes and programs, inspection tool kits and signs, play space planning and designing, and expert witness services. They believe that “Recreation safety should be NO ACCIDENT!”1

Scott Burton founded Safety Play, Inc. in 1988 and was a playground and recreation equipment manufacturer for eleven years. Safety Play, Inc. does not sell playground equipment, surfacing, or parts, nor do they perform maintenance or repair equipment.

Knowledgeable of ASTM International (ASTM) standards, U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) guidelines, and American Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility standards and trained as a Certified Playground Safety Inspector (CPSI), Safety Play, Inc. can assess playground designs, the play site, site signage, and play surfacing for compliance and potential safety risk reduction features.2 They also evaluate playground projects for their play value and teach playground safety classes.

Based in St. Petersburg, Florida, the company has since expanded to include an address on the West Coast in Los Angeles, California. Between their two locations they consult and market to schools, child care centers, park departments, corporations, campgrounds, manufacturers, and homeowners associations in all American states and many countries of the world.3

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