Orca Coast Playgrounds

Orca Coast Playgrounds

Bill Dunbar and Rey Estanislao founded Orca Coast Playgrounds in 2004. Bill contributed both sales and management experience and hands-on experience in the manufacturing and installation of contained playground equipment. Rey also brought manufacturing experience in the industry as well as a degree in architecture from the National University of the Philippines and a decade of designing contained playgrounds.1

Located in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada, Orca Coast designs, manufactures, and installs contained play spaces for family entertainment centers, recreational facilities, daycares, schools, and restaurants in Canada, America, Mexico, and Australia. They believe that a well designed playground will “stimulate your child's creativity and tempt them to explore new dimensions of play.”2

After two years, Phil Dueck joined Orca Coast, bringing project management skills and experience.3 Since then, Orca Coast has adopted some unique design protocols and stringent installation procedures, including complete North American manufacture and safety devices.4

Though Orca Coast designs custom indoor play spaces, they also offer a portfolio of designs in three categories: Original, Themed, and Toddler. All designs factor in safety standards, clear visibility of and quick accessibility of the children by parents, and the entertainment value for the children and the parents.5

Theme Magic Solutions, a subsidiary of Orca Coast Playgrounds,6 was founded in 2008 and has shaped Orca Coast's Themed and Toddler play spaces, including the Toddler Kindercity towns or village designs. They have also expanded Orca Coast's line with the lasertag designs of Fragzone Arenas and Lazer Challenge and the Blacklight Minigolf courses.

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