Middleball is a new sport created by Scott Loetman in 2009. A relatively simple ball game to play, Middleball utilizes indoor courts, nets, and a beach ball to offer a fun activity for people of all ages and abilities.

Scott, who has worked with sports organizers to facilitate their leagues and tournaments for indoor court play, realized that the thousands of indoor racquetball, Wallyball, and squash courts are only used by a small percentage of the population – athletic men and women. These courts are expensive to maintain and are often underutilized during off hours causing many facilities to close their doors.

In response to the need, Scott devised an alternative use for these courts to help court owners fill their courts at different times and with a different demographic of people. His game of Middleball can be played by families, children, seniors, and individuals of all abilities regardless of their athleticism.1

Played with a beach ball, Middleball is much safer than the traditional indoor court sports used with harder balls. The court can be divided up in various ways for 2 teams, 4 teams, or 8 teams. Although not a strict requirement, nets can be used as the dividers and set up at any height agreeable to the players. If played by 4 teams or 8 teams, a padded pole can be used as a central point to aid in dividing the court.2

The rules of the game are simple:

  • The beach ball is hit in an upward angle over the nets.
  • If it lands in one team’s section, all the other teams score one point.
  • First team to accumulate 21 points wins the game.3

These simple rules allow players of different heights, skills, and abilities to enjoy the game together. Whether the goal for playing Middleball is for exercise, team-building, competition, or family fun, the simplicity of the game and the low cost involved allows this sport to be played in many venues.4

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