Maintenance Kits

Many manufacturers of playground equipment supply the playground owner with a maintenance kit to help preserve the aesthetics, usefulness, and safety of the equipment. These maintenance kits range from a maintenance record-keeping document to extra tools and hardware (nuts and bolts).

A proper maintenance kit will include a playground equipment manual, which will have a top view and 3-D drawings of the playground. It will also include the individual components’ installation instructions, parts list, and parts numbers. This gives the owner the ability to order new parts for worn or damaged pieces of equipment.

There will also be a document that details proper maintenance procedures for the playground equipment. A form will be included that may be copied to keep a written record of all maintenance and inspections performed on the playground equipment.

The maintenance kit often includes an assortment of extra nuts and bolts, specialty wrenches, touch-up spray paint, and graffiti remover to help with the maintenance of the playground through the life of the equipment.