International Journal of Play

International Journal of Play

The International Journal of Play is an inter-disciplinary publication that focuses on all facets of play. It is published by Routledge, a distinguished publisher of leading educational research since 1836.1 The first issue of the International Journal of Play was released in March of 2012 with three issues published yearly.

The desire to provide an international forum for play enthusiasts and researchers was discussed for several years at various conferences and professional gatherings. A formal proposal for an international journal was presented to Routledge, and in the spring of 2011, the proposal was officially approved. Three editors were appointed to organize and begin production of the journal: Pat Broadhead, Professor Emerita at Leeds Metropolitan University; June Factor, Honorary Senior Fellow in the School of Historical and Philosophical Studies at the University of Melbourne; and Michael Patte, Associate Professor of Education at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania.2

The aim of the International Journal of Play is “to provide an international forum for mono- and multi-disciplinary papers and scholarly debate on all aspects of play theory, policy and practice from across the globe and across the lifespan, and in all kinds of cultural settings, institutions and communities.”3 The journal addresses topics that are of interest to “anthropologists, educationalists, folklorists, historians, linguists, philosophers, play workers, psychologists, sociologists, therapists and zoologists.”4

The International Journal of Play has been adopted as the official journal of The Association for the Study of Play (TASP). Founded in 1973, TASP is a professional organization that is “dedicated to interdisciplinary research and theory construction concerning play throughout the world.”5 Through the years TASP has published annual proceedings, a variety of journals, and an annual edited volume.

The International Journal of Play contains original articles on a variety of topics.

  • Reports on research projects
  • Review work across an area of research
  • Papers concerned with theory-practice links
  • Policy critiques and expositions
  • Reviews and analysis of contemporary and historical publications
  • Essays, memoirs, and other forms of reflective writing
  • Writing that builds on the experiences and voices of children and young people
  • Theoretical position papers.6

The journal offers several special features including a section entitled “The State of Play,” which allows for short essays from play enthusiasts, practitioners, and scholars to reflect on their perspectives on play issues. Another regular feature, “Books Worth (Re)Reading,” introduces classic books to readers who may be unfamiliar with them, and there is a section for Book Reviews that contains reviews of current texts available on the various aspects of the study of play.7

As of 2018, Professor Michael Patte continues on the editoral team joined by Professor Fraser Brown of Leeds Beckett University, UK, and Professor Anna Beresin of The University of the Arts, USA.8

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