ForeverLawn® Inc. was created out of a desire to bring the highest quality, most technologically advanced simulated grass product to the residential and commercial landscape markets. After a few years in the landscape turf industry, the owners observed that quality, uniqueness in the product, and strong business principles were missing, thus the drive for ForeverLawn. Since that time, ForeverLawn has grown to carry these product qualities and ideals into specialty markets such as playgrounds, dog facilities, golf greens, and sports fields.

Owners Brian and Dale Karmie came out of the computer software industry into synthetic turf in 2002. Unlike many companies that have grown from a top down approach, Brian and Dale started from the ground up by selling and installing turf in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It was this hands-on, customer-driven experience that led to the launch of ForeverLawn in 2004, and the desire to create unique, quality products. ForeverLawn has created an established dealer network with offices in over 29 cities, servicing areas that cover 30 states and two countries.1

DuPont ForeverLawn® Select synthetic grass provides a waterless, low-maintenance solution that is realistic, beautiful, and functional with minimal upkeep. This innovative line of fine-bladed, lush synthetic grass features a tan thatch, multi-colored blades, and a newly-developed Memory Fiber™ blade that offers a natural appearance and performance.2

ForeverLawn offers five specialty synthetic grasses: Playground Grass™, SplashGrass™, K9Grass®, GolfGreens™, and SportsGrass®.

For different playground needs, ForeverLawn offers Playground Grass Extreme, Playground Grass Ultra, Playground Grass Discovery, and Playground Grass Academy. All four products have the three layer backing, are installed with micromechanical bonding, and use perimeter nailer boards. Playground Grass Ultra and Playground Grass Extreme feature the AlphaSan® antimicrobial protection.3

Offering a soft, safe play surface alternative to concrete, SplashGrass is designed for water play areas that are simple to maintain. SplashGrass features a varied blade construction that creates a low-slip surface with a flow-through backing system for effective drainage.4

After installing synthetic grasses for use with dogs in yards and kennels that had limitations in drainage, cleaning, durability, and excess odor, ForeverLawn realized the need to develop a new product. The K9Grass features a knitted flow-through backing, a short dense blade, and AlphaSan® antimicrobial protection from stains and odors. Both the K9Grass Classic and the K9Grass Lite are installed with turf adhesives.5

ForeverLawn offers six different GolfGreens products that suit a wide range of skill levels, from beginner and leisure to avid golfers. These products have been carefully formulated and designed to not only improve the landscape but improve the golfer's game as well. For realistic greens with natural performance, GolfGreens are offered for golf courses, hotels and resorts, and backyards.6

Originally, the owners’ introduction to artificial turf came from installing a field at Mount Union College in 2002. By 2005, they had introduced a line of SportsGrass to improve the industry options by using multi-bladed fibers, a dual color system, shorter blade heights, increased blade density causing decreased infill needs, Sandmatic infill installation, a three layer backing system, an AirGrid base for drainage and shock absorbing, mechanical seaming, and antimicrobial protection.

ForeverLawn offers many SportsGrass options for both indoor and outdoor sports fields, training facilities, batting cages, practice areas, and open play areas. Logos, designs, and inlaid lines are also available.7

ForeverLawn’s synthetic turf products are environmentally friendly. Their permeable qualities allow rainwater to filter back into the natural water table, and because the turf is synthetic, the need for water, pesticides, and fertilizers is eliminated. ForeverLawn products are produced with recycled and sustainable components.8

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