Brewer's Ledge

Brewer’s Ledge

Brewer's Ledge, Inc. was founded by two cousins, Jeff Brewer and Conant Brewer, in 1990, making it “one of the oldest climbing US companies.”1 In the ensuing years, their creative climbing structures for schools, training facilities, rehabilitation, and playgrounds has spread from Boston, Massachusetts, to twenty-eight countries and five militaries.

With their innovations, the Brewers “single-handedly opened up climbing as a mainstream fitness tool.”2 Starting in 1989, they invented and constructed the first rotating climbing wall, which has always been from day one, motorless and self-pacing. They began offering the Treadwall® commercially in 1990 with the start of their company.

The design of the rotating climbing wall “combines aerobic conditioning with flexibility, balance, and upper and lower body strength work.”3 The intensity and focus of the workout can be changed by adjusting the slant of the climbing surface to be positive or negative: the negative degrees work the muscles in the arms, shoulder, and core, while the positive degrees work the hips, legs, core, and balance.

Brewer's Ledge continued breaking new ground in 1991 with the first mobile, freestanding climbing wall (using a hydraulic trailer). Then in 1993, the company designed the first climbing panel surface with in cut texture, the LedgeWall™. These panels and modules have a sculpted “rock” surface, which can be configured for traversing, bouldering, or top-roping. There is also a mobile Ledgewall with even more flexibility.

In 1997, they introduced the first automatic self-pacing feature for a rotating wall. Now, the Treadwall® will rotate when the climber does and also stops when he does in order to automatically match his personal abilities.

Especially for outside play, in 1998, Brewer's Ledge created the Wingwall®, the first adjustable playground climbing structure. This double-sided, freestanding, modular climbing wall is mounted on a central pole and can be creatively combined and linked. Each panel is 6.5' tall and 8' wide with 32 LedgeLoc™ holds on each side and heavy-duty rings that link the panels “creating a natural maze that kids will explore for hours.”4 A new rotating design was used in 2006 to create the smaller M4 version.

Currently, they offer five different types and two sizes of the Treadwall®: the Treadwall M6 which has a 6 foot wide climbing surface and comes in either the freestanding or wall-mount configuration, and the Treadwall M4, that has a 4 foot wide climbing surface with the angle either variable or static.

The M4 units can be upgraded with the colorful KidWall™ package, and all units can be ordered with an optional exterior upgrade for permanent outside use. There is even a custom M6 trailer package for a fully mobile climbing option in asmall, easy to handle size. In addition to all the upgrades and accessories, they also offer a ladder type of hold called the Ladder Line.

At Brewer's Ledge they “believe climbing is one of the best full body, functional training activities in the world and has a valued place in every training and recreation program.”5

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